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Food Stamps

Do you need help stretching your food budget?

Quick Facts
What is it?
Food Stamps is a federal program that gives families and individuals money to buy food. Families and individuals can be eligible for Food Stamps even if they make too much money to qualify for Families First.

What do I get?
Food Stamps are given in an Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card that you use like a credit card at your local grocer to purchase food. The amount you receive each month depends on your household size and income.

How long do I get it?
You can get Food Stamps as long as you continue to qualify, but you need to recertify every six months to ensure that you are still eligible. The Department of Human Services (DHS) will notify you when you need to re-certify and explain the process.

Look Out
You can apply to get Emergency Food Stamps if you are unable to wait 30 days to receive the benefit. The wait for Emergency Food Stamps is only seven days.