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Memphis Area RideShare Program

Would you like to lower the costs of getting to work?

What is RideSharing?

Ridesharing is doing one or more of the following to work:
  • Carpooling - When two or more people ride together in the same vehicle at least three times a week or 15 times a month to their employment site.
  • Vanpooling - When five or more people who commute together in a passenger van to their employment site. One or more of the members of the group volunteers to drive with each rider sharing the cost of operating the van.**
  • Public Transit - When people use public transit as mode of transportation at least three times a week or 15 times a month to and from their employment site.
  • Biking or Walking

The Memphis Area Commuter Club also makes it quick and easy to find people to car and van pool with and provides transit information.

Why you should use RideShare?

By using the RideShare method of getting to and from work, you can:

  • Save money on transportation costs by splitting them with other people
  • Help reduce car emissions and protect the environment
  • Help reduce traffic congestion on the roads
  • Have a guaranteed taxi or rental car ride home up to six times a year in case you are sick or have an emergency at the workplace. This is paid for by the Guaranteed Ride Home program which is part of RideShare.

RideShare provides a secure, confidential system that matches you to other commuters based on where you live, where you work, and your method of transportation and even gives provides you with vehicles. If you don't drive to work, RideShare gives you up-to-date public transit information.

How do you find out more information?
Call the Memphis & Shelby County Department of Regional Services at (901) 544-7741.

How do you get it?
Complete a three-minute registration at You can then access the service by logging into your account at this webpage.