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Do I qualify for Habitat for Humanity?

You may qualify for the Habitat for Humanity, if you:
  • Are a first-time home buyer;
  • Live or work in Shelby County;
  • Reside in substandard housing and have an actual need;
  • Have fair or passable credit;
  • Have stable, verifiable income that is likely to continue for at least 3 years;
  • Can afford a $1,000 down payment;
  • Are willing to partner with Habitat for Humanity;
  • Meet income guidelines

Habitat for Humanity Income Guidelines
family size gross yearly income
1-2 $12,050-$36,650
3-4 $15,450-$45,850
5-6 $18,550-$53,150
7-8 $21,300-$60,500

Look Out
Final eligibility decisions will be made by Habitat following an assessment of your income stability, current living situation, housing needs, willingness to partner with Habitat, and your debt-to-income ratio. Debt-to-income ratio is the relation between your monthly debt payments (such as credit card or loan payments) and your monthly take-home income.

If selected by Habitat, you will be required to attend a 15-part Financial Peace course, meet quarterly for one year after move-in with Habitat’s Family Services staff, and perform 350 hours of Sweat Equity. Sweat Equity is work you and your family contribute towards building your home and other Habitat houses, or by assisting the organization in other ways. If you have a disability that prevents you from working on your house or other Habitat projects, alternate arrangements can be made.